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Enterprise Car Club launches special offer for New Lubbesthorpe residents

For a limited time, residents of New Lubbesthorpe can take advantage of reduced vehicle rental prices from the Enterprise Car Club based on Tay Road, next to New Lubbesthorpe’s Primary School.

Residents can now rent a car for only £6.53 per hour plus 27p per mile, or £30 for a full-day rental up until the end of February 2024. This offer allows access to a vehicle without the traditional responsibilities that come with owning a car.

Additionally, every adult resident in New Lubbesthorpe is eligible for a complimentary £150 drive-time credit with the Enterprise Car Club, along with a one-year free membership. This presents an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of driving without committing to the financial and maintenance obligations associated with car ownership.

A resident shared their experience with the Enterprise Car Club, stating, “Only needing a car once a month or so, being a part of the car club has allowed me not to stress about the upkeep of my own vehicle, and I get to drive new cars all the time! Instead of maintaining a car that will get older and devalue, I’m paying less than I was on insurance as a young driver.”

The car club is funded by The Drummond Trust, landowners of New Lubbesthorpe. It is one of many initiatives coordinated by GO Travel Solutions, the Travel Plan Coordinators for New Lubbesthorpe, to help increase take up by residents of public transport, cycling, walking and car sharing.

For information on the car club and how to redeem the £150 Enterprise drive-time credit, contact

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