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We Are Connected

We have completed a new £15m bridge across the M1 Motorway extending Meridian Way into New Lubbesthorpe, providing a direct connection to the city’s ring road.

Our new entrance onto Beggars Lane is the eastern gateway to our Phase One development area.

Find out more about our extensive sustainable travel initiatives below

To reflect the commitment of the Drummond Trust to sustainability, local transport consultancy GO Travel Solutions was appointed in April 2018 as the Travel Plan Coordinator for the development. They help residents with all their travel needs, offering advice, discounts on sustainable travel, ebike trials and help with public transport, car sharing and electric vehicles.

LocalGO, the communities travel package, is available to residents at no cost, and provides free sustainable travel discounts with providers such as Vectare, Halfords, Rutland Cycling, Hurrecane Ebikes, Railcard and more! For more information on how to set up your account, please visit the LocalGO website or email:

New Lubbesthorpe’s bus services, the NovusDirect and NovusFosse, are operated by Vectare. Residents of New Lubbesthorpe can access discounts for these services via LocalGO. Choose between a FREE 7-day ticket or 50% off a 31-day ticket for both services. For more information on these services and how to create your LocalGO account, click here.

Our network of footpath and cycle ways (and bridleways) connect New Lubbesthorpe into the wider networks and make the countryside just as accessible as the city.

We will also deliver a new bridge connecting across the M69 in the south, via the Strategic Employment site, to Leicester Lane and St Johns, and on to the Soar Valley Way ring road in the south.

For an overview of the local amenities and travel options for residents of New Lubbesthorpe, go to the Locality and Travel Guide below.

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