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First commercial car club launches in Leicester

Leicestershire’s first commercial Car Club has opened. The Drummond Estate, in partnership with Enterprise Car Club, has leased two self-charging hybrid vehicles for the site. Located next to the Lubbesthorpe Primary School, Leicestershire residents can book these for use via the Car Club app.

Martin Ward on behalf of Drummond Estate, the landowners of New Lubbesthorpe, said “New Lubbesthorpe is a pioneering new community, and we are implementing a wide range of sustainable travel initiatives to make green travel options the attractive and preferred choice for our residents. The car club enables people to live on site and not need the expense and hassle of owning their own car. With e-bike hire, a great bus service and our new walking and cycle routes offering easy, convenient and safe options, the car club provides back up for those occasions when a car might be needed.” 

Go Travel Solutions, the specialist sustainable transport consultancy, supports The Drummond Estate with implementing sustainable travel options for the residents of the New Lubbesthorpe community. The growing development offers residents access to LocalGo, the communities sustainable travel package, giving them access to a wide range of sustainable and active travel discounts. 

Robin Pointon, Managing Director and Founder at Go Travel Solutions said “We all need to reduce our carbon emissions. Having a Car Club as part of a package of travel initiatives for New Lubbesthorpe residents helps to achieve this, through using low emission vehicles and discouraging unnecessary journeys by car.”  

The Enterprise Car Club will support the community by saving people money and encouraging low-carbon travel. Residents can become a member of LocalGo at no cost and can redeem a very generous £150 credit and one-year free membership to use with the car club. 

Dan Gursel, Managing Director of Enterprise Car Club, said: “We are delighted to bring our car club service to the residents of New Lubbesthorpe. We share the ambition of The Drummond Estate and Go Travel Solutions to provide high quality and sustainable travel options to the local community.”

“We are continuing to expand Enterprise Car Club across the UK to reach communities large and small, so that people can quickly and easily pick up low emission and value for money vehicles when that is the best choice for their journey.’’

“Membership of our car club can be a great alternative to owning a private car giving users access to a growing network of more than 1,400 on-street low emission, hybrid and electric vehicles at locations in 180 cities, towns and communities across the UK. Many Enterprise Car Club vehicles are located at transport hubs including cars parked within 500 metres of 180 railway stations.”

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